Continuous Solutions Website Design & Development


Continuous Solutions are a new recruitment agency who specialise within the IT sector. I was asked to design and develop their first website as the company began to set up in the recruitment marketplace. The objective was to create an on-brand website that would help raise the agencies profile above the competition and make job seekers lives as easy as possible when applying for a new job via the website.


With the recruitment marketplace saturated with companies, I felt it was important to carry out user research to understand what IT sector individuals felt would be a refreshing change from current recruitment websites that they would normally visit. Knowing people inside the IT sector I was able to do one-to-one interviews to find out their opinions on what would be most important to them when visiting a similar website. It was interesting to hear that they liked companies who were not faceless and that they are more interested in applying for jobs that are well detailed and easy to apply for.

Information Architecture

Feeding this information back to the client we sat down and created a detailed content plan. The content of the site would have to be friendly and clear for the potential end users but also detailed when it came to job listings and blog content. Video and imagery would also be used where relevant to help lift the website visually and a focus on individual jobs and their layout was of top importance.

Understanding the user needs I set out to create a sitemap and set of wireframes that would help begin to visualise the content hierarchy of the website.

Edward Manson Portfolio - Continuous Solutions - Information Architecture Process Image

Sharing this process with the client and getting further feedback from the original set of research users allowed me to further refine the wireframes and move into the main UI of the site.

UI Design

The final UI is on-brand, highly professional and user-friendly. A focus was put on the call to actions used throughout the site to ensure users could navigate through the site easily and access the main job listings from any page they are on. Jobs themselves are colour coded and categorised by job type to allow candidates to easily determine if the job is correct for them.

Edward Manson Portfolio - Continuous Solutions - Homepage User Interface Design Image

The main page for each individual job is clearly readable with key job criteria visualised via iconography. Again the call to actions are clear and focused in their attempt to get potential job seekers to apply for the job they are viewing. A quick apply form with the ability to upload a CV is also included on each page.

Image showing the Continuous Solution jobs page user interface in two screens


The other pages of the site continue to help convey the appeal of the company through the use of clear typography, imagery and well written content.

Edward Manson Portfolio - Continuous Solutions - Alternative Pages User Interface Design Image

The UI was quickly signed off by the client and gaining further feedback from the research group allowed for any final alterations to be made to the overall aesthetic before the site moved into development.

Website Development

It was vital that the website was fully responsive for all devices and that speed was optimised so that users could quickly and easily browse the site on any connection type. I built the site using HTML, CSS, PHP and WordPress. Integrating WordPress allows the client to have full access to update content as necessary.

JavaScript and jQuery were used for some subtle effects including a landing background video (which disables when on slower connections) and subtle parallax background images to help add a layer of interactivity.

The final website was fully optimised for mobile and desktop use. Thorough testing took place over multiple browsers to ensure the maximum amount of potential users could visit and use the site.

Edward Manson Portfolio - Continuous Solutions - Mobile User Interface Design Image

Impact & Learnings

Once the website was demoed to the client and WordPress training had taken place the site was launched. With the business in its infancy, the website has assisted the company to successfully startup in the marketplace, with consistent enquiries coming through the website regularly. In its current form, the website has had to resort to using stock photography but as the business develops updates will be made to personalise the site even further by introducing professional photography and further enhancement to the user interface.

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