SureCert Product Design


SureCert is a web-based application that makes job candidates lives easier by allowing quick, easy verification of certifications and qualifications, whilst also putting them in direct contact with potential employers. The SureCert team approached Big Motive with the objective to help design the entire first variation of the system and help aid the outsourced development team when required.

I was part of the Big Motive team who was responsible for the initial research analysis, information architecture for the application, feature prioritisation and UI design.


At the initial outset of the project, we had several meetings with the SureCert team to look into the initial research that they had carried out. We quickly identified nurse students as the perfect users to initially carry out focused research with as they often require several certifications and qualifications to be verified before being able to get a permanent job.

The research team at Big Motive set up a range of discovery workshops to question focus groups of nurses to identify current problems nurses have with the hiring process. I was included throughout the research process to allow me to get a full understanding of the identified user personas and allow myself the opportunity to determine any interesting insights that could help when it came to the overall design for SureCert.

Information Architecture

Analysing the information provided by the research I was able to help to design the first iterations of the user journeys.

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Candidate User Journey Image

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Recruiter User Journey Image

It was important to fully consider the required functionality for version 1 of the application. Nurses had to have the ability to get their degrees and qualifications verified through the application and recruiters had to be able to intuitively search the system for these verified users. I was responsible for designing the wireframe structure for the marketing website, user registration paths, core dashboard functionality and email template structure.

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Wireframe Examples Image

Sketch was used to design the wireframes and InVision was used to develop quick prototypes. At this initial wireframe stage, there was a constant iterative feedback loop between ourselves, the client, the development team and a cohort of potential end users. This allowed for any issues with the wireframes to be immediately spotted and changes made when required.

Once the final set of wireframes were finalised the development team started to begin to build the application.

UI Design

Whilst development began I was able to work with the Big Motive team in beginning to design the user interface for the application. I initially began by looking back to the user personas to determine what they would be using and looking at in everyday life. Moodboards were created to help begin to visualise the approach that would suit the application and Sketch was then used to start to design the UI.

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Mobile User Interface Design Desktop Image

Once again as screens were designed the client and end users were asked for feedback so that alterations could be made when necessary. The final UI is modern, visually unique and intuitive to ensure that our user types could easily work with the application when required.

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Candidate Backend User Interface Design Image

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Candidate Backend User Interface Design Device Mockup Image

Once the UI was designed and signed off it was important that handover to the development team was as smooth as possible. I was therefore responsible for creating a design system document that highlighted the main reusable elements along with any code snippets where appropriate. This was designed as a PDF so that multiple team members could have easy access.

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Recruiter Backend User Interface Design Image

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Recruiter Backend User Interface Design Device Mockup Image

On reflection, it would have been better to have used Figma or Zeplin for handover from a time saving point of view however the development team requested a PDF and the team were happy to work from the final document produced.

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Design System Examples Image

At this point we were able to take a step back, assisting only when required or asked questions from the development team. As the SureCert product was built out I was able to help with testing the system both on desktop and mobile to ensure any bugs were caught before launch.

Edward Manson Portfolio - SureCert - Mobile User Interface Design Mobile Image

Impact & Learnings

Once functionality testing was complete the SureCert application went live. We carried out a further round of testing with our target users to gain insight into how they used the product in the live environment. Feedback was highly positive with our test cohort of students and recruiters feeling that the application would help improve their related jobs to be done more effectively. Out of this testing period feature requests were made and it is expected that the application will be expanded further in the future to help design and develop these new features.

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