Shift Product Design

Shift is a lightweight, responsive and secure communications, collaboration and productivity platform, developed with support from over 800 global innovators and technologists. The Shift Platform allows organisations of all sizes to quickly create and deliver highly customised public and private communities.

Shift Product Design main image

The Problem

Since the COVID19 pandemic, collaboration has become more significant for organisations to meet business objectives and innovate.

It has become clear that collaboration between organisations and teams has evolved from emails, shared documents and working together in physical locations. Teams have become more widely dispersed, and the multitude of tools available are detrimental to effective, dynamic collaboration.

The challenge for the Shift internal team at Whitespace was to create a tool that simplified collaboration between organisations, allowing them to focus their business objectives and innovate accordingly.

An example of a Shift Platform Dashboard

Example of Shift Spaces including examples from Google, Microsoft and more

The Approach

Shift had went through several versions that helped shape the direction that the internal team identified as the next logical iteration of the product. I was the lead designer of this next iteration, working with the Shift team to identify what a first version core experience would be. 

I helped facilitate discovery workshops to identify the product vision, create a problem statement and prioritise what good would look like for the new version. I helped define the core user journeys and gathered data from in-depth user interviews who had helped with the previous iterations of the product.

I was then responsible for wireframe design of the core sections of the product. These were prototyped and used for usability testing with friendly users and internal team members. Once we iterated based on feedback, I was responsible for the UI design working closely with the brand team to ensure a consistent experience across all media.

Example of the Space view in Shift showing a users recent activity

Shift User Profile view

The Outcome

Once the UI design was complete, I worked alongside the development team to release a first version of the updated iteration of the Shift product. We leaned on our users to get feedback which helped us test and iterate to improve product experience. 

Since this release, the product has had its first external client, who aims to bring together government bodies and universities to collaborate on innovative challenges across multiple industries. 

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