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I specialise in making digital product experiences perform

Hey, I’m Ed, a designer who crafts user experiences for digital products. I focus on how product experiences are designed and optimised to help benefit both clients and end users.

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eamli Visual Design main image

An AI-powered financial modeling tool for organisations

eamli is a financial modeling tool that allows organisations to use AI-powered simulations to test decisions and view outcomes they have on big-picture objectives.

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BBC Pandemic Application Design main image

Helping determine the severity of a global pandemic

The BBC Pandemic app was a key asset used to help with a groundbreaking nationwide study on how a deadly flu virus would spread worldwide.

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Shift Product Design main image

A new collaboration platform allowing teams to innovate effectively

Shift is a lightweight, responsive and secure collaboration platform, developed with support from global innovators and technologists.

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Shaype Developer Portal MVP Design main image

Creating the starting point of a new banking as a service developer portal

A new product experience allowing Shaype’s customers a way to onboard and use their banking as a service platform online.

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Electric Revolution Skills Hub Product Design main image

The world's first online hub for the power, electronics, machines and drives community

The Electronic Revolution Skills Hub is the world’s first online hub that aims to accelerate and enable the success of UK electrification by supporting careers and skills development.

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